Machine tools and infrastructure

To remain at the forefront of industrial and tertiary technology, the company offers its customers as its staff, effective resources and infrastructure adapted to the specificity of its manufacture.

Rolling machines

Rolling machine h80
Machining of threads, knurling, burnishing, grooves and other precision machining (to a hundredth of a millimeter: 0.01mm) is made possible by the combined presence of specific machine capacities from 6-80 tonnes of thrust and their tools called 'rolling dies'.

Additional machining

Tour à commande numérique SL250
We can prepare the parts before thread (chamfers. diameter by grinding operation). Other post-thread machining is also proposed (straightening, rod ends machining ...). Complete machining of parts is also possible.


Logiciel WinFDP
Our infrastructure is particularly adapted to the specificity of our products either at the computerization of the CAPM (Assisted Production Management Computer), buildings and means of handling, lifting and storage.