Knurling and fluting

Knurling can be straight or crossover. For special applications it is possible to make grooves always with the same benefits and the same precision.

Machining possibilities and limitations

pièce moletée

Some profiles

Cannelures Ø 25 Module 1.25
Ø 25 Modulus 1.25
Moletage Droit Ø 20 Module 0.5
Ø 20 Modulus 0.5
Moletage Croisé
Cross knurl
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Examples of our work

The following items are either completely processed by the Company, either provided by our customers. In this case we just do the rolling process.

Straight knurling :

Cannelures Ø25 Module 1.25
Ø25 Modulus 1.25
Cannelures Ø20 Module 0.6
Ø20 Module 0.6
Cannelures Ø20 Module 0.5
Ø20 Module 0.5
Moletage droit Ø30 Pas 0.6
Ø30 Pitch 0.6
Moletage droit Ø50 Pas 0.5
Ø50 Pitch 0.5

Cross knurling :

Moletage croisé Ø24
Moletage croisé
Cross knurl
moletage croisé Ø7
Diamond knurl Ø32
Diamond knurl Ø32