Quality charter

This quality charter is the commitment of the management and all employees of the Company LE FILETAGE DE PRECISION, which make of the quality, the success of their business.

Quality: It concerns Everybody

Each Director, technician or employee is personally responsible for the execution flawless and cleanliness of his work and has the duty to immediately report any difficulties encountered to his hierarchy.
The quality requires discipline, concentration, traceability and communication within the company, with customers and with suppliers.

Quality: It is the customer satisfaction

Everyone agrees to carry out a perfect and neat work, to deliver compliant parts, to meet deadlines and to inform the client of any observed anomaly. A satisfied customer is a customer who will return.

Quality: It is the respect of procedures

Everyone agrees to comply with the Quality Procedures defined in the Quality Manual in accordance with ISO 9001 and EN9100 standards, regardless of the manufactured product. Everyone is committed to ensuring that client instructions are known to refer to it and to respect them.

Quality: It's always do better

Everyone agrees to analyze his own work to improve it, to deal with as they arise all nonconformities by corrective actions so that they do not renew and upgrade the quality system.

Quality: It is preserve the know-how

Everyone is committed to learn from those who have experience and to share their knowledge so that know-how is perpetuated.

The original of this charter is displayed and is signed by all the directors.