The team of specialists

One of the highlights of the Precision Thread is its team of specialists of rolled thread made up of people very committed to their company. Thanks to them, the know-how, reputation of our company, makes sense !

Armand ROBIN (General Manager) Sophie ROBIN (Sales Manager) Déplacez-vous... Cliquez...
Our staff

In a pleasant atmosphere, everyone can give the best of himself. Rare are those who do not make their entire career at "LE FILETAGE DE PRECISION" which ensures that machinings and controls are always performed by our highly qualified staff.

The team is made up of all ages. The elders pass on their knowledge to younger to preserve the know-how.

Distribution of functions

  Director Technician Employee TOTAL
Manager (1)     (1)
Sales 1     1
Quality 1     1
Control 1     1
Production 2   5 7
TOTAL 5   5 10